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11 December 2016

CIESM Kiel 41st Congress volume


We have the pleasure to announce, as a final document of the recent CIESM Congress in Kiel, the publication of the "41st CIESM Congress" volume which integrates in pdf format all the papers presented in Germany, together with the valuable syntheses of 75 session moderators.

Abbiamo il piacere di annunciare, come documento finale al recente congresso CIESM tenutosi a Kiel, la pubblicazione del volume "41 ° Congresso CIESM"  che si integra in formato pdf tutti i documenti presentati in Germania, insieme ai preziosi sintesi di 75 moderatori della sessione. 

You will find the Congress volume available for (free) download on following page:

Troverete il volume Congresso disponibile (gratuitamente) scaricare sulla seguente pagina:

24 August 2016

ICZM - CAMP Italy Survey

Dear Sir/Madam,
It is our pleasure to inform you that the project CAMP Italy has  
launched a survey in English on Integrated Coastal Zone Management to  
investigate the knowledge of key stakeholders and general public in  
the Mediterranean on the topic.
This activity is meant to contribute to identify the topics on which  
further dissemination and capacity building are needed as well as to  
strengthen the network on ICZM in the Region.

The survey is available at

25 April 2016

MMMPAs Guidelines published


With pleasure we inform that the MMMPA project is concluded. Students have been presented their PhD thesis  and published their last papers. One of the final deliverbales of the project was an interesting set of guidelines to implement monitoring programmes for Mediterranean MPAs.
Here you can download the documents:

MMMPA Supervisory Board (2016). Monitoring Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas: A set of guidelines to support the development of management plans. Deliverable of the MMMPA European project (FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN g.a. no.: 290056). Ancona, 116 pages. (

Document from the Final Conference available in:

27 June 2015

Call for a Adriatic Start up School

It is precisely under the fourth thematic pillar, the one dedicated to regional attractiveness aimed at promoting the region as a single destination and as an integrated proposal for cultural heritage, landscape and environmental, but also hitting cross-cutting priorities of the European strategy, which places itself the project ECAPITAL – Adriatic Start up School, which include a first format dedicated to the creation of START-UPS in the FIELD of CULTURAL TOURISM.

The promoters think that the conditions for the formation of new start-ups among young people of the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region exist, and they aim to promote this initiative in order to fertilize the ideas of young people and provide them with business training, so that they can enhance the region's cultural heritage, which represents a very important resource to be exploited to give life to new businesses in the territory by offering attractive products and services for the development of cultural tourism.

The call for ideas is addressed to 25 young people from the 8 countries of the Adriatic-Ionian Macro Region (excluding people coming from the Marche region – Italy, who will be object of a dedicated Call). It is possible to apply exclusively online on the website, filling in the application form, starting from the 15th of June 2015 (opening date of the Call), within 12:00 am of the 20th of July 2015


17 June 2015

Rovinj-Croatia June 20th, 2015

Il 20 giugno da Rovigno, in Croazia, assemblea internazionale della coalizione croata SOS Za Jadran (SOS Adriatico), per una mobilitazione comune, a livello internazionale, contro le trivellazioni petrolifere che minacciano l’Adriatico su più fronti.

June 20, Rovinj, Croatia, International Assembly of the coalition SOS Croatian Za Jadran (Adriatic SOS), for a joint mobilization, at international level, against the oil drilling that threaten the Adriatic on several fronts.


21 June 2014

AdriaPAN in the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Macro-region

In the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian macro-region, published in recent days, the network of protected areas AdriaPANenters as one of indicative actions to the extent directed to the protection of the Environment and Biodiversity.
See the Action Plan published in the "Official documents" released by the European Commission June 17, 2014 (AdriaPAN pp.42-43).

Nella Strategia dell'UE per la Macroregione adriatica e ionica, resa pubblica nei giorni scorsi, la rete delle aree protetteAdriaPAN entra come una delle azioni indicative nella misura indirizzata alla tutela dell'Ambiente e della Biodiversità (vedi:
Guarda anche il Piano di Azione pubblicato tra gli "Official documents" pubblicati dalla Commissione Europea il 17 giugno 2014.

17 June 2014

Towards 2020 - Verso il 2020

2-4 .06 .2014 Torre del Cerrano MPA - Italy
All the presentations held during "Towards 2020" are available now on AdriaPAN website in pdf format:
Click HERE (or copy and paste the URL below).
Tutte le presentazioni tenute durante "Verso il 2020" sono già disponibili sul sito AdriaPAN in formato pdf:
Clicca QUI (oppure copiare e incollare l'URL di seguito)

Press Review - Rassegna stampa
Attached - AllegatiIl Centro  4/06/2014, 8/06/2014;  La Città 6/06/2014
Video 15': Benigno D'Orazio, Fabio Vallarola, Robert Verrocchio, Luciano D'Alfonso, Biljana Alinovic, Robert Turk

7 March 2014

Next meeting in Torre del Cerrano MPA. Pineto (TE-ITA) June 2nd to 4th, 2014

It has been announced the next AdriaPAN meeting hosted by MPA Torre del Cerrano on 2-4 June 2014. The workshop is the last one in the framework of the PANforAMaR project and is entitled "Towards 2020. Adriatic sea, Ionian sea and the Aichi targets".
Please see the first draft of the program in the AdriaPAN website. Soon you can find all the info for registration and participation on the apposite page (

E' stato oggi annunciato che il prossimo meeting AdriaPAN sarà ospitato dall'AMP Torre del Cerrano il prossimo 2-4 giugno 2014. Il workshop è l'ultimo nel contesto del progetto PANforAMaR ed è intitolato "Verso il 2020. Adriatico, Ionio e gli obiettivi di Aichi". Pronta una prima bozza del programma reperibile sul sito AdriaPAN. Presto saranno fornite anche le informazioni per la registrazione e la partecipazione tramite l'apposita pagina del sito (

28 January 2014

Miramare MPA, Trieste-Ita, January the 31st, 2014: PANforAMaR 4th workshop


Opening the next AdriaPAN meeting will be held in Trieste on Friday January the 31st, within the PANforAMaR Project. This is title of the meeting: "Eu program for the Adriatic Protected Areas: Life+ and more", 
The program is the following :
 9:30 to 11:30, First session,
EU projects and funding opportunities
12:00 to 13:30, Second session,
The projects already submitted. Their updating, strengthening the partneship
14:30 to 16:30, Third session,
New project proposals and partnerships

Program, registration form and documentation HERE

In aperture il prossimo incontro AdriaPAN che si terrà a Trieste il 31 gennaio nell’ambito del progetto PANforAMaR. Il titolo dell’incontro sarà: “Programmi europei per le aree protette adriatiche: Life+ e non solo”
Il programma si svilupperà in lingua inglese:
9:30-11.30: Prima Sessione
Progetti europei e opportunità di finanziamento
12.00-13.30: Seconda Sessione
Progetti già presentati. Aggiornamenti, sfide e partenariati
14.30-16.30 Terza Sessione
Nuove proposte di progetto e partenariati.

Per il programma, i moduli di registrazione e altra documentazione fai CLICK QUI

13 December 2013

AdriaPAN in Lecce 16-12-2013: PROACTNATURA2000

On 16th of December in Lecce an International Conference is organized by Torre Guaceto MPA and Porto Cesareo MPA, with the sponsorship of Italian Environmental Ministry, FederParchi and funded by ETCP Greece Italy, under a project called PROACTNATURA2000.
This project has as its aims the development of a common strategy for the improvement of cross-border governance of protected sites at sea and along the coastline, with a special focus for the Marine SCIs. The project activities are finalized to the draft of a Management Plan for the integrated governance of coastal areas, shared between the project partners, and consistent with the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean and the Barcelona Convention, signed in Madrid in 21.01.2008.
The planned International Conference is focused on the challenge of the Marine SCIs Management, between legislation, effectiveness in the protection and management and funding, open to researchers, managers, decision makers, Institutions. The expected result is to bring together all the interested parties and propose an active dialogue between stakeholders at different levels (regional, national, international) in the management of coastal areas.

Il prossimo 16 Dicembre 2013 a Lecce si terrà una International Conference sul tema “Gestione Integrata delle aree costiere”, nell’ambito del Progetto PROTECTION ACTIONS FOR CROSS-BORDER AND JOINT MANAGEMENT OF MARINE SITES OF COMMUNITY INTEREST (NATURA 2000), finanziato dal Programma Operativo Grecia-Italia 2007/2013, Assieme all’AMP Torre Guaceto (Lead Partner del progetto), l'AMP di Porto Cesareo, la Regione Puglia – Ufficio Parchi, l’Ente di Gestione del Golfo di Amvrakikos, l’Ente di Gestione della Laguna di Messolonghi ed ETANAM (Agenzia di Sviluppo delle Prefetture di Arta e Preveza).
L’evento è patrocinato da  MedPan, la rete dei soggetti gestori di aree marine protette del Mediterraneo, Adriapan, Network delle Aree Protette costiere e marine del Mar Adriatico,  AIDAP, Associazione italiana dei Direttori e funzionari delle Aree Protette, Federparchi, associazione nazionale dei parchi e delle aree protette, e Ministero dell'Ambiente.
Il progetto si pone quale obiettivo lo sviluppo di una strategia comune transfrontaliera per il miglioramento della governance dei siti protetti in mare e lungo la fascia costiera e culminerà nell’elaborazione di un Piano di Gestione per la governance integrata delle aree costiere, condiviso tra i partner di progetto, e coerente con il Protocollo sulla Gestione Integrata delle Zone Costiere del Mediterraneo e della Convenzione di Barcellona, stipulato a Madrid nel 21.01.2008.

Lecce-ITA - Hotel Tiziano 16-12-2013, 

15 November 2013

In Brussels for Marine Strategy

Below the AdriaPAN Secretariat intervention to the “Stakehoders seminar on boosting blue growth in the Adriatic and Ionian Region” (Bruxelles, 14 November 2013) by Carlo FRANZOSINI - Miramare MPA.

AdriaPAN Secretariat Intervention to the “Stakehoders seminar on boosting blue growth in the Adriatic and Ionian Region”. Bruxelles, 14 November 2013.
Panel 3A – Spatial planning and Coastal Zone Management

MPAs are an asset for Pillar 3 of the Adriatic-Ionian strategy: they could serve as reference point and control sites for marine biodiversity, but also as dissemination/awareness tool.

Having in mind the present situation of the marine environment, we have to ask for more MPAs in the adriatic-ionian sub-region. Its high diversity is spanning from the Jabuka pit to the wetlands in Albania and on the northern side, to the croatian and slovenian cliffs, to the sandy shorelines.

Thinking about the DIVERSITY we share within this stretch of sea, we have to consider the diverse richness of our sites: landscapes, languages, cultures, historical heritage, wine and food, and all of this in a space as little as the Adriatic-Ionian sub-region. Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) host biodiversity hotspots and are - most of the times - spawning grounds or nursery areas for fish populations, thus serving fish stock populations targetted by fishing industry. The majority of these areas host historical sites (i.e. Brijuni), or high quality agriculture (i.e. Torre Guaceto), fishing grounds (i.e. Torre del Cerrano), specialised aquaculture (i.e. Po river mouth), tourist attractions such as wine/food specialities or folkloristic events. Diversity is attractiveness.

As the financial resources to manage MPAs are scarse, more coordination is needed among ministries, E.U. institutions, donors. Ministry for environment at first, but also agriculture/fisheries, historical/archeological goods, tourism authorities. The environment protection can not be limited to the coastal area, but should include open sea – deepwater sites, fishing management zones, historical sites and food/wine attractions too, for a better efficiency of the scarse financial resources. The result would be the overall protection of our marine-coastal heritage - taking into consideration each one of its aspects - bringing it to be more attarctive. A model could be the one of the “Coastal action groups”, but tailored on a broader vision of environment and cultural conservation.

The network of MPAs represented by AdriaPAN – a regional branch of the wider MedPAN network – is presently facing several threats: climate change and alien species (for which detailled monitoring activity is more and more urgent) and local-scale human activities for which more control is needed. This second group encompasses marine litter and sewage treatment plants, industrial use of huge amounts of seawater as the one foreseen for LNG regasification plants, oil prospection activities using air-guns which are harmful for delicate species such as dolphins and monk seal.

25 April 2013

Next three AdriaPAN meetings

Within the project PANforAMaR (Protected Areas Network for Adriatic Macro Region) financed by IAI-Ionian&Adriatic Initiative, there are three dates for the next meeting:

1) Date: June 05, 2013
Type of meeting: webinar (web seminar)
Program: under definition according to the projects to be discussed. The meeting is to evaluate the projects should be candidate considering the next call for proposals.
Registration: send an email to to show the interest to present a new project proposal or just to attend to the on line meeting.

2) Date: September 24, 25, 2013
Type of meeting: workshop
Location: Brijuni National Park, Croatia
Program: soon a draft version will be available.
Registration: to take advantage of special prices for the accomodation, it is better to send an email to as soon as possible. NO refunds of travel and accomodation expences are available.

3) Date: December 12, 13, 2013
Type of meeting: conference+workshop
Location: Miramare MPA, Italy
Program: under construction

The Re.S.C.We project ended

The works formally ended in October 2012, when the inauguration of the new wetland took place.
Re.S.C.We. project, Restoration of Sentina Coastal Wetlands (LIFE09 NAT/IT/000608) has been financed by the European Commission with Life+ 2009, component Nature and Biodiversity.
The last Newsletter is on line (Num 5, March 2013).

I lavori sono formalmente terminati nell’ottobre 2012 con l’inaugurazione della nuova area umida.
Il progetto Re.S.C.We., Restoration of Sentina coastal wetlands, (LIFE09 NAT/IT/000608) è stato finanziato dalla Commissione Europea nell’ambito del programma LIFE+ 2009 - componente Natura e biodiversità.
L’ultimo numero della Newsletter è on line (Num.5,Marzo 2013).

22 February 2013

A new member, the Ripabianca Natural Reserve, and three new associated, joined AdriaPAN

The Natural Reserve of Ripabianca, close to Jesi in Italy is a new member of AdriaPAN. The director Mr. Belfiori participate to the last workshop "AdriaPAN in Europe" held in San Benedetto Tronto (Ita) on the end of January and he was excited about that. He submitted the formal request only after a verify conducted with the AdriaPAN secretariat. The Ripabianca is, in fact, a river reserve not exactly on the coast. It is the second Protected Areas admitted to become meber that are neither marine or coastal one. The first one was the Natural Reserve of Calanchi di Atri. Both of them are WWF Oasi.
With this new member other three new associated have adhered to AdriaPAN: The Environmental Biology Department of the University of Rome3; The CRAS srl- Research Center for Environment and Sustanible Development, from Rome as well, and the MedCEM- Mediterranean Center for Environment Monitoring from Montenegro.

La Riserva naturale di Ripabianca, vicino Jesi in Italia è un nuovo membro AdriaPAN. Il direttore, Dr. Belfiori, ha partecipato all'ultimo workshop "AdriaPAN in Europe" svoltosi a San Benedetto del Tronto alla fine di gennaio e si è detto entusiasta dell'organizzazione. Ha presentato la domanda formale solo dopo una verifica condotta con il segretariato AdriaPAN. Ripabianca è, infatti, una riserva fluviale non esattamente sulla costa. E' la seconda area protetta ammessa a diventare membro AdriaPAN che non è  marina o costiera. La prima è stata la Riserva Naturale dei Calanchi di Atri. Entrambe sono Oasi WWF.
Oltre questo nuovo membro anche tre nuovi associati hanno aderito ad AdriaPAN: Il Dipartimento di Biologia Ambientale dell'Università degli Studi di Roma 3; il CRAS -Centro Ricerche per l'Ambiente e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, anch'esso di Roma, e il MedCEM-Centro Mediterraneo per il monitoraggio ambientale del Montenegro .



The second meeting of the AII Adriatic&Ionian Initiative project PANforAMaR (Protected Areas Network for Adriatic Macro Region), will be held in Fossacesia (Abruzzo Region, Italy), on March, 23, 2013. During the event we will discuss about slow tourism, with particular regard to cycle mobility along the Adriatic coast and inside the protected areas.
In this occasion, we will deepen the project BySEAcle, already discussed during the round-table of the meeting "AdriaPAN in Europe".
The event of Fossacesia is organized by the Municipality of Fossacesia and by the Nature Regional Reserve of "San Giovanni in Venere", with the support of the MPA Torre del Cerrano and the AdriaPAN network.


Si svolgerà a Fossacesia il 23 Marzo 2012 il secondo incontro del progetto dell'Iniziativa Adriatico Ionica PANforAMaR (Protected Areas Network for Adriatic Macro Region). L'oggetto della mattinata di lavori sarà il turismo lento, con specifico riferimento alla mobilità ciclabile lungo la costa adriatica e nelle aree protette.
Sarà questa l'occasione per approfondire ulteriormente il progetto BySEACle, già discusso durante una tavola rotonda del metting di San Benedetto del Tronto "AdriaPAN in Europe".
L'evento di Fossacesia è organizzato dal Comune di Fossacesia e dalla Riserva Naturale Regionale "San Giovanni in Venere", con il supporto dell'AMP Torre del Cerrano e della rete AdriaPAN.

Per sottoscrizioni e adesioni alla Carta di Cerrano (Cerrano Charter) scrivi al segretariato di Adriapan:

To Join in AdriaPAN write to AdriaPAN Secretariat:

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